Wild Cherry - Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 at Christ Church School.  Here is some information for the class.

Teaching Staff

Class Teachers:

Miss H Younger

Miss Konc (Fri PM)

Favourite book: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Support Staff:

Miss L Gunn


English – daily

Maths – daily

Outdoor Learning – Wednesday afternoon

P.E. – Thursday afternoon


English and maths; homework is handed out on Thursday and returned Monday.



Autumn 1

History: How could Hitler have convinced a nation like Germany to have followed him?

Science: How different will you be when you are as old as your grandparents?

R.E.: Has the Christian message survived?

Music: What makes a great song lyric?


Reading: A Medal for Leroy by Michael Morpurgo

Writing: Narrative


  • Can you list properties of words ending in vowels other than the letter ‘e’?
  • Can you construct rules for pluralisation of regular spellings?  E.g. add ‘s’ to most words; add ‘es’ to most words ending in ‘s’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’; when ‘y’ is preceded by a consonant, change to ‘ies’; when ‘y’ is preceded by a vowel, add ‘s’.
  • How do you use the following prefixes: auto, bi, trans, tele, circum?

Maths: Multiplication and Division Facts

P.E.: Dance

Autumn 2

Science: Can you feel the force?

R.E.: Why is Remembrance important?  What can you learn about Christmas through music and art?


Reading: Poetry by Edward Lear


  • Can you identify word roots, derivations, and spelling patterns?  E.g. sign, signature, signal; bomb, bombastic, bombard; remit, permit, permission.
  • Can you recognise patterns of consonants and formulate rules?  E.g. ‘ll’ in full becomes ‘l’ when used as a suffix.
  • Do all words ending with a single consonant preceded by a short vowel double the consonant before adding ‘ing’?

Art: Are your drawings edible?

Maths: Multiplication and division facts.

P.E.: Gymnastics


Spring 1

History: Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?

R.E.: Do you know the journey of life and death?


Reading: Anglo-Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman

Beowulf: An Anglo Saxon Epic Poem by John Lesslie-Hall


  • When is the letter ‘c’ soft as in circus?
  • Which common letter strings have different pronunciations, e.g. rough, cough, bough; boot, foot
  • What is a homophone?

Music: Why do I have a song in my head?

Maths: Multiplication and Division Facts

P.E.: Swimming  and games

Spring 2

Science: Will we ever send another human to the moon?

R.E.: What is the contemporary Anglican church?  What happens in churches at Easter?


Reading: Myths and legends

Writing: Narrative


  • Can you use a possessive pronoun?
  • When do you use ‘cian’ at the end of a word?

Maths: Multiplication and division facts.

P.E.: Swimming and games


Summer 1

Geography: Why is Brazil in the news again?

R.E.: What does it mean to be a Muslim?


Reading: Garden Tales

Writing: Garden writing project.


  • Can you recognise unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words, e.g. company, portable, poisonous, interest, description, carpet, sector, freedom, extra, etc?
  • Do you know the spelling rules for adding ‘ing’,  or  for adding a suffix beginning with a consonant, e.g. hopeful, lovely?
  • How do you add ‘y’, ‘ie’, ‘ly’ or ‘ing’?

Maths: Multiplication and division facts.

P.E.: Swimming and athletics

Summer 2

Geography: Why should the rainforest be important to us all?

R.E.: Do you understand  faith in your area?


Reading: The Shaman’s Apprentice by Lynne Cherry

Writing: Non-chronological reports


  • What are the exceptions to ‘”i” before e except after “c”‘?
  • How many ways can you transform a word?
  • Do you know the meaning of the prefixes ‘in’, ‘im’, ‘ir’, ‘il’, ‘pro’, ‘sus’?

Maths: Multiplication and division facts.

P.E.: Swimming and athletics

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