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Welcome to Reception at Christ Church School.  Here is some information for the class.

Teaching Staff

Class Teachers:

Miss H Newton 

Support Staff:

Miss R MacDonald


English – 

Maths – 

Outdoor Learning – 

P.E. – 


English and maths; homework is handed out on Thursday and returned Monday.



Autumn 1

Topic question: What do I know about me?

This challenge enables children to develop self-awareness and to settle, look at themselves and to get to know their classmates. It also enables children to look at their own and others’ special qualities and to start to consider the idea of equality.


Reading: The Baby Who Wouldn’t Go to Bed by Helen Cooper

Speed sounds, set 1

Writing: Letter patterns, letter formation

Maths: Counting forwards and backwards to 20

PE: Dance

Autumn 2

Topic question: Why are there so many leaves on the ground?

The purpose of this is to develop a basic understanding of seasonal changes. It can also make children aware of the environment around them and can easily link to environmental issues such as recycling.


Reading: My World My Seasons by Siobhan Dodds

Speed sounds, set 1; word boxes for high frequency words.

Writing: Recounts

Maths: Counting forwards and backwards to 50

PE: Games


Spring 1

Topic question: How can we help Cinderella have a ball?

This challenge develops an appreciation of traditional tales and a simple introduction to story structure. It also brings in the moral aspect of kindness.


Reading: Cinderella and the Furry Godmother by Dixie Philips

Speed Sounds Set 2

Writing: Recounts/lists

Maths: Maths-Counting forwards and backwards to 100

PE: Gymnastics

Spring 2

Topic question: Should Goldilocks say sorry?

This challenge brings up the idea of right and wrong and links to children’s spiritual and moral development. Asking children to reflect on what they know about right and wrong and the actions of individuals opens the door to discussion about appropriate behaviour in the classroom.


Reading: Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry by Samantha Berger

Speed Sounds Set 2 and 3

Writing: Narrative

Maths: Addition and subtraction within 20

PE: Games


Summer 1

Topic question: Are all mini-beasts scary?

This challenge enables exploration of the outdoor area and use of scientific equipment. Children can learn how to attract minibeasts to the outdoor area and the importance of minibeasts in the environment.


Reading: The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle

Speed sounds Set 2 and 3

Writing: Reports

Maths: Addition and Subtraction within 20

PE: Atheletics

Summer 2

Topic question: Who can I ask for help?

This challenge enables discussion around future careers and gives children aspirations. It also enables them to see the range of helpful people in the community. If it is appropriate, it is a good time to look at ‘stranger danger’ too.


Reading: We Work at the Hospital by Angela Aylemore

Speed Sounds Set 2 and 3

Writing: Recounts/Reports

Maths: Addition and subtraction within 20

PE: Athletics and field games

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