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A Note from the Headteacher

Thank you to all parents who attended the Poetry Assembly on
National Poetry Day. Pupils had worked hard learning their poems
and I know many of them practised at home with you. If parents
attend events that involve other classes please try and stay for the
whole event as it is disappointing for the classes that have to wait
while a large number of parents leave. We also celebrated Harvest
this week having our own service as well as exhibiting our produce
at the RHS Harvest show.


Toilets and a Sensory Room

I am glad to report that the Diocese has agreed to fund the toilets
and sensory room for 2019. This will mean the school will have to
pay £8,000 towards the £80,000 cost. The parental contribution
comes through the Maintenance Fund which is £5 per term or £15
per year. A payment slip is attached to this newsletter.

Outdoor Learning Parent Meeting Tuesday, 09 October 2018

The meeting will be at drop off time in the hall, and is for parents to ask questions about our fundraising for outdoor learning.

Here is a background before the meeting:

  1. Two years ago we consulted pupils about the space outside. Pupils told us they wanted a garden like the secret garden because they loved visiting it but they had to wait for an adult to take them.
  2. Pupils asked for a space that they could use lunchtimes, playtimes and learning time to carry out interesting jobs and have things to do.
  3. Pupils from Year 2 – Year 6 drew their ideas and Year 5 and Year 6 wrote letters to a designer Cleve West asking him to come and help them design the garden.
  4. Cleve was so impressed with their letters he wrote back and said he would visit after the Chelsea Flower Show had finished, which he did.
  5. Cleve helped pupils put their ideas into a garden plan that they could use for learning and playtimes.
  6. Pupils in Year 3 and Year 5 entered the Royal Parks competition using their ideas and the new design. As a result, Royal Parks promised £5,000 of work to help them.
  7. We started fundraising to make our pupils dream come true so they can have a beautiful space to both learn and play in.
  8. We will also be able to use this space for family outdoor learning sessions and we have a grant from Wandsworth NHS Community Fund and Big Local SW11 to develop an outdoor learning group including families and local volunteers.

Christ Church is a leading school for outdoor learning and the benefits both to pupil’s learning and
pupil’s health and well-being is becoming more widely known. As a result more funding is available
specifically for outdoor learning. 

Our Spacehive page (
gives us the opportunity to receive funding from the mayor as well as two other big charities. We need as many local likes and pledges as possible so local support for the project can be seen.
Every class has at least one session learning outdoors and pupils bring the learning back into the classroom for their book work. They go outside for Science, Maths and English.
I look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at the meeting next Tuesday.


Reading is a focus for this term
and we have new guided
reading sets for Year 2-Year 6.
Your children will have a guided
reading session at least once a
week. They will also bring home
books that are meant to be read
every evening. Please make
sure you take time to read with
your children every day.
Nursery–Year 1 have individual,
paired and guided reading and
bring home books to be read
every night.


Attendance is checked every
term. If you are aiming for
100% keep it up. Any pupils
with attendance below 90%
will be sent a letter and
monitored. If attendance does
not improve you will be called
to an attendance panel.
All latecomers MUST sign in at
the School Office using the
touch screen on the wall.
Regular lateness is disruptive
to your child’s education.
Please ensure they are in
school and on time.

Dates for your Diary


08th-12 October 2018           Soup Off – All classes to make soup using produce from the garden

15th-19 October 2018           Governors Week – Visits 9am-10:30am

18th October 2018                Dance Around the World 9:15am and 10:30am (Entry fee – £1)

19th October 2018                INSET DAY

22nd -26th October 2018         Half Term Break

29th October 2018                INSET DAY 

01 November 2018              Parent Meetings All Classes 1:30pm start

05-06 November 2018        Year 6 Residential High Ashurst overnight stay

07 November 2018              Year 5 High Ashurst day visit

08 November 2018              Year 4 High Ashurst day visit

12-16 November 2018        Anti Bullying Week

27 November 2018              Advent Eucharist Year 3 9:00am

Please make sure you look at our online calendar for upcoming events.

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