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Monthly Newsletters

This month our value is ‘Koinonia’ and we are working to make sure our school is a community in which everyone has a place and everyone is valued. All KS2 classes went to High Ashurst on their adventurous activity trip. The NHS has funded a new project in our school to look at the health benefits of being outdoors and eating well. Cinema Club will be held on the 26th November and the 5th December after school. It is open to Year 1-Year 6 and will be held in Year 3. 



The school year gets back in full swing: we have new head boys and girls, our outdoor space project gains momentum, and more!

Thank you to all parents who attended the Poetry Assembly on National Poetry Day. I am glad to report that the Diocese has agreed to fund the toilets and sensory room for 2019. Reading is a focus for this term and we have new guided reading sets for Year 2-Year 6.

Outdoor Learning Parent Meeting Tuesday, 09 October 2018

We have almost reached £4,000 on our just giving site to raise money for our new garden project. If you have not seen the film yet the link is below.

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Please come and pledge to our Spacehive page.

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