Admissions 2018 - 2019

Places are still available for the academic year September 2018 – July 2019. If you wish to apply for a nursery place at Christ Church School please complete a Online Nursery Application Form or contact the School Office for further information.

The school’s admissions criteria for over-subscription (see below) is applied to those seeking a place in the nursery where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places. Families wishing to be considered under Criteria 3, 5, or 6 are advised to obtain evidence of their religious commitment from their parish priest or minister before admission to the nursery, and again before admission into primary school. A Religious Reference form is available here for you to pass to your parish priest, minister, or religious leader.

The maximum places available in the nursery in any academic year is 26 FTEs (full-time equivalent places).

Part time nursery places
All 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to receive 15 hours of learning per week. At Christ Church School this consists of 2½ full days per week (9:00-3:30 and 9:00-12:00 including lunch). Children are usually admitted in the nursery class in the term following their third birthday, giving three possible points of entry to the nursery in any academic year. However, parents should note that the main intake of children to the nursery occurs during the Autumn Term and most offers are made following the annual meeting of the Admissions Committee usually held in late February or early March.

Full time nursery places
Some working parents are now eligible to claim for an additional 15 hours free childcare per week. Parents can check this on the Government website:  Eligible parents receive a unique reference called a DERN Code which must be verified by the Local Authority and re-checked each term so that the School receives the correct funding for each pupil. Further information and how to apply can be found here.

Providing there are sufficient places available once all working entitlements have been met, Christ Church School offers a competitively-priced option for any family looking for a full-time Nursery place. Please email the School Office for further details.

Pre-admission visits, meetings and induction
Our Headteacher and Early Years’ staff warmly welcome parents and children to visit our Nursery before applying. Open Day visits are held throughout the year. Families are also welcome to join our current Nursery pupils at the free interactive Storytime sessions given by our resident children’s author.

A more formal meeting with parents of new pupils for the nursery is held during the second half of the summer term when information about arrangements for each child’s admission and to meet staff. Parents will also receive a Welcome Pack of information; an individual induction programme for their child and make arrangements for a Home Visit (see below).

Please note that wherever possible, nursery staff make a home visit prior to children starting in the Autumn term, and where known, for those children who will be admitted later in the year. We regret that staff are unable to make home visits for any admissions confirmed after this time.

Applications for entry to Reception in September must be submitted by the previous January to the local authority where you live .  Applications can be made online between October and January by following the link on the Wandsworth Admissions website.  Further information can be found in the booklet called:  Starting School in Wandsworth.

Parents wishing to have their religious commitment taken into consideration against the school’s published Criteria for over-subscription  (Nos 3, 5, or 6) need their priest, minister or religious leader to submit a Religious Reference form to the school office.  Parents are responsible for ensuring the form (or electronic link) is passed to their priest, minister, or religious leader for completion and returned direct to the school by the closing date.

The school provides parents of current nursery pupils who will be moving up to primary school in September with the Wandsworth booklet and common application form during the Autumn term prior to the January deadline.  All applications must be made direct to Wandsworth or the local authority in which parents are living at the time of application.  Admission to nursery does not guarantee a place in the primary school or give priority over any other applications for Reception.

The Admissions Committee at Christ Church School meets during February to allocate places for the Reception class starting in September using the list of applicants for this school provided by Wandsworth.  This list is ranked according to the school’s admissions criteria for over-subscription and the list returned to Wandsworth Council.  Parents will be advised of this decision by letter from their local authority (not the school) and must confirm in writing to their local authority:

  • whether or not they accept the place offered, or
  • whether or not they wish to be kept on a waiting list for Christ Church School.

Further information about admissions can be found in the School’s Admissions Policy.

During June or July we invite parents  for Reception to a short meeting to hear about arrangements for starting school,  to meet Reception class staff, visit the classroom, receive a welcome pack of information, and arrange a time for pupils to spend a brief period in class during the summer term before they start school in September.  See the school’s Welcome & Induction Policy for more information about starting school.

The School welcomes visits from prospective parents and pupils who are either moving into the area or considering a transfer from another primary school. Please contact the School Office for more information on current availability in our KS1 and KS2 classes and to arrange a visit.

All admissions for older children either moving into the area or transferring from another primary school are made via the local authority. Parents can choose to select up to four primary schools in order of preference. The School can provide you with an application pack comprising either an application or transfer form and Religious Reference Form. Application or Transfer forms must be returned direct to Pupil Services at the local authority, and, if applicable, the Religious Reference form should be completed by your priest, minister or religious leader and returned to the school.

Further information on applying for a place if you are new to the borough or want to change schools can be obtained from Wandsworth Admissions In-Year Transfers.

As a voluntary aided Church of England school, Christ Church School has its own admissions criteria for the allocation of places.  Where there are more than 26 FTE applicants for nursery and 30 applicants for Reception the following criteria for over-subscription will apply and must be read in conjunction with the relevant notes.

  1. Children looked after, or those who have an allocated social worker who has provided written support of the need for a full time place as part of the child’s plan at that school.
  2. Children who are recommended for a full time place by an Early Years’ Multi-Agency Panel (EYMAP).
  3. Children with a single parent in full time work or study.  A letter from the employer or place of study giving details of the work or course enrolment is required.
  4. Children in circumstances where the Headteacher considers a full-time place should be provided.
  5. From April 2015, requests for full time places for reasons other than those stated above may incur a top-up fee.  This is currently set at £50 per term.

Nursery applications will only be considered for a full time place where a parent has completed the school’s supplementary application form for a full time place giving reasons and providing the additional supporting evidence requested.

Parents have a legal right to appeal to an independent appeals panel against not being offered a place at a school which they have applied.  Christ Church School subscribes to the Wandsworth Appeals Service.  If you want to appeal against not being offered a place at Christ Church you should contact Wandsworth Education Appeals Service on (020) 8871 7554 or email for further information and appeal forms.  Parents have 14 days in which to appeal following receipt of the letter informing them that their child has not been offered a place at this school.

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